Particularity, Reality, and Reparative Thinking: Another Reformation by Peter Ochs

There are very few books that transcend their subject matter.
Those that do address broader and deeper issues than their ostensive
topic. They also come to serve as models for others to follow—whether
or not they are working on same topic. Finally, they provide substantive
insights into not only the topic they explore but the task of writing
as a whole.
Peter Ochs’s Another Reformation is one such book. At first
glance, his topic might seem relatively narrow—he wants to test a
correlation he has noticed between different iterations of “postliberal
Christian theology” and a position of “nonsupersessionism” regarding
the Jewish faith. To define each of these terms requires that Ochs,
a Jewish philosopher, delve into recent developments in contemporary
Christian theology and philosophy. In the process, he displays
his own formidable theological and philosophical skills, which serve
as a model that Christian theologians should follow. Specifically, Ochs
provides insights into theological methodology and major theologians
that should inform the broader work of theology in the future.

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