Interfaith Invocation Oct. 25, 2017

God of our tears,

God of our fears,

God of our sorrows,

God of our loneliness,

God of our longing.


We come before you this day,

To place into your hands,

The people of your heart:


Bless the weak,

and give us grace to stand strong together.


Bless the poor,

and inspire us to share our blessings with one another.


Bless those who mourn,

and give us grace to be your healing Spirit in a wounded world.


Bless the peacemakers,

and help us bear witness to your reconciliation in the face of opposition and violence.


Remind us that you do not ask us to pray for easy lives,

but rather to be stronger people.


Remind us that you do not ask us to pray for tasks equal to our powers,

but rather for powers equal to our tasks.


Remind us that you are with us always,

so that we are never truly alone.


Remind us when we are afraid,

that we have nothing to fear.


Remind us that when we are sorrowful,

That you have given us a birthright to joy.


Remind us that you have made us restless,

Until we learn to rest in you.


Bless this evening,

that our life together might be a sign,

that things which have grown old,

are being made new,

and things which have been brought low,

are being raised up,

and your light.

continues to shine in the darkness,

by your love. Amen.

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