An Interfaith Prayer- In Memory of the Detroit Riots of 1967

Loving God,

You alone can give the justice and peace we desire.

You alone can reconcile our past, present, and future.

You alone can give us the grace to walk by faith and to speak the truth with love.


As we remember July 1967, help us build a better July 2017 in our cities and suburbs.

Help us to remember the past faithfully,

So that we can live fully in the present and prepare for your future.

Give us your courage and compassion so that we might bear witness to you.

Give us your wisdom and understanding so that we might walk together.

Give us your love, which embraces all and turns no one away.


These things we ask so the world can see and know

that those who were being cast down are being raised up,

that things which had grown old are being made new,

and that your whole creation is being brought to perfection,

by same God who said, “Let there be Light!” Amen.

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